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War journal, entry 1

ShareMonday, July 28, 2014 We’ve just had a siren. Six short syllables that contain so much! The 30 second frantic dash to the security room, the panicked glance to make sure every family member is there, the tense listening for the boom, and the uncontrollable rush for news. Having described the symptoms, I ought to … Continue reading »

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Yair Stern – A Light from the Past

Share Yesterday, the 25th of Shvat, I went on many different websites expecting to find coverage of Yair Stern’s 71st memorial. I was saddened to find that it wasn’t mentioned on any site – all were busy covering the induction of the new Knesset members. While the present and future are important, it is vital … Continue reading »

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Reactions to Rockets

ShareIt just hasn’t been my day. Granted, unlike the two previous days, I wasn’t wakened by a blaring siren… so I was spared running within 45 seconds to the protected room and meeting the rest of the family – all as bleary and half asleep, and only the dogs excited at the early morning family … Continue reading »

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