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Dentist Duty & Canine Care

Posted by on May 25, 2011

Me and my Sweetie


Dental work is so expensive in Israel. I always find myself grimacing after a visit to the dentist … because of what’s charged! Imagine my horror when I discovered that I have someone new to take to see the dentist, the veterinary dentist that is… My sweet Saluki hasn’t been taking care of her teeth. I don’t know how she’s done it, but she has dreadful brown stains on her back molars. Seeking to save the dentist bill, I tried to brush her teeth this morning. At first, not knowing not to, I tried to brush her teeth using human toothpaste. Well, Sweetie swallowed the toothpaste and wouldn’t let me scrub her teeth. Luckily she didn’t throw-up from the tooth paste.

I then discovered we have canine toothpaste. She didn’t like that as well as the human tooth paste, but this time she was on her guard against intrusion and wasn’t keen on having a tooth brush thrust in her mouth. Apparently, since she hasn’t been trained to it from puppy-hood, she won’t like to have her teeth brushed – but there are alternatives, such as rinses.  Perhaps she’ll take kindly to that.

However, in the meantime, her teeth are still stained and she has a dark line by the gum which I’ve read means she needs a severe cleaning. I’ll have to get her to a dentist. They’ll anesthetize her and scrape her sharp teeth… and I’ll have to foot the bill.

What one does out of love of a pet.


6 Responses to Dentist Duty & Canine Care

  1. Shifra

    Iris, that’s fantastic! She makes it look so easy… Maybe I can do that too after I first get my Sweetie’s teeth scraped nice and clean.
    Thank you,

  2. Rachel Ann

    I love your blog Shifra and I just had the privilege of reading your book. I got it this afternoon and finished it about an hour ago. I couldn’t put it down! I am giving it to my girls to read for history (we are a homeschooling family). It is history, literature and a warning. G-d bless you and all those who were uprooted and may Hashem bring the Moshiach and may we regain our lost land.

    (BTW, there are “bones” a dog can chew on that cleans their teeth for them. Brushing a doggies teeth is hard and can be painful even with a very good dog! They don’t like.)

  3. Tom Blalock

    Do they sell Milk Bone dog biscuits in Israel? That is how we have always taken care of our dog’s teeth. They chew on the biscuits and the biscuits scrap the teeth clean. This is just instinctive for a dog.

    • Shifra

      As for bones or dog biscuits that clean a dog’s teeth – I always assumed those were just marketing slogans, and that they didn’t really do the job… But since the two of you recommend it, I’ll definitly look into it; I doubt my dog will ever take kindly to having her teeth brushed!
      These products will probably be in the aisle next to the biscuts and bones that clean a dog’s breath (never tried that).
      Thanks for the advice!

    • Rangler

      Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problmes after several days struggling