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Tents Sprouting in the Sun

Posted by on July 27, 2011

Tent protest in Ashdod: "All the land tents tents - Only Bibi has houses"

With all the tents and protests and the summer heat, it seems as though we’ve regressed back to the desert under Moses’ leadership. However, unlike then, we can’t expect any miracles. Thousands of rent-free houses won’t suddenly appear, with G-d grimacing as the people rush, and trample over each-other in their haste to stake their own. He’ll sigh to Moses, “until when will they doubt me?” and send a plague to strike the impertinent ones.

No, that won’t happen. The age of miracles is over. We have to work it out by ourselves and if we succeed – then we can take that as a sign that G-d is with us. Bibi has given a plan. Fischer has endorsed it. The protesters should be pleased. They are; they’re getting plenty of press and people all over are joining them. At this point if houses fell like manna from heaven they would turn up their noses and say, “that’s been tried historically. It’s a step forward, but it’s not good enough.”

What do they really want? They want the leader replaced. Watch out, Bibi, ‘Korach’ is upon you.        

Tent protest in Ashdod, Tammuz 5771 (Aug. 2011)


9 Responses to Tents Sprouting in the Sun

  1. Ra'anan

    I agree with you 100%. Those that reject Bibi’s plans also do not offer “better” plans, just a “NO!” B”SD
    Just recently a parliamentary investigation of NGOs was STRANGELY REJECTED by the majority of the kenesseth. It turns out the main (only?) FINANCIAL backer of these pro-cheap housing, tent protestors is the New Israel Fund, a notoriously anti-Israel NGO. Oh, and an upcoming homosexual parade in Jerusalem (WHAT IS THEIR POINT???) is being financially backed by…the historically anti-Semitic FORD FOUNDATION (again!). Neither one of these foreign groups has Israel’s best interest at heart & they seem to delight in causing controversy that tears at the fabric of Israeli society. STILL, these protests groups COULD BREAK AWAY from anti-Israel support & turn into an “Israel Spring,” though we are so dissimilar to Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya & Syria.

    • Shifra

      Correct. Though today, for the first time, the protestors have given a list of their demands. So perhaps there can finally be negotiations?

  2. Trestin

    Bibi is a strong leader. The last thing Marxists want is a strong leader apposing them. They will twist any issue to remove him from power.

    • Shifra

      True. More and more it is being revealed that the backing behind these demonstrations is actually from Left wing organizations who desire to change the Israeli government.

      • Spud

        Wait, I cnnaot fathom it being so straightforward.

        • Shifra

          Sometimes we make things more complex than they are, and sometimes things really are complex but the only way for us to deal with them and accomplish anything is to reduce them to simpler, more concrete, less bluring, of terms.

  3. Shifra

    I doubt the Ashdod mayor wants to be seen as anti the strike. It would give him a lot of negative publicity – as happened to Tel Aviv mayor when he tried to make some of the strikers fold up their tents.
    But yes, they should have chosen a location that wouldn’t have harmed other populations. They could easily have done so. They chose not to.

  4. Shifra

    Thank you!