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Singing with Shwekey

Posted by on August 18, 2011

I heard the warm-up band playing so I went to have a look. The big basin that used to be Gan Dov had been scraped of all the weeds, and several dozen white plastic chairs had been set up in front of a stage.

setting up

The obligatory ambulance was parked on the side, and police

ambulance and guards

 stood and chatted around  the perimeters. Meanwhile, only a scattering of people had already shown up, sitting  and listening to the band.

At the same time, underneath the sycamore trees, a number of Gush Katif folk were set up with tables selling their merchandise: jewelry, herbal remedies, books, etc.

selling wares

By the time the performer of the evening, Ya’acov Shwekey, arrived the crowd in Gan-Dov had grown to several thousand. Shwekey entertained his audience with many of his classic songs, as well as with several new songs first sung at his recent Caesarea concert.

Shwekey on stage

I looked around at the crowd. They were enjoying seeing people they hadn’t for a long  time, as well as singing along. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. Some people that live nearby retired with some neighbors to their front porch to listen in comfort.

There was nothing political about the event, but it was nice to know that not only the Left gets free concerts…

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