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Reactions to Rockets

Posted by on August 21, 2011

It just hasn’t been my day. Granted, unlike the two previous days, I wasn’t wakened by a blaring siren… so I was spared running within 45 seconds to the protected room and meeting the rest of the family – all as bleary and half asleep, and only the dogs excited at the early morning family togetherness. Indeed, early Shabbat morning, our dog Bravo took advantage of us all running to the protected room, and clambered onto the kitchen table to eat the remains of some delicious brownies.  Shameful! Chocolate is very bad for dogs.

Today I went to Ashdod for some purchases. But the electricity in the pharmacy was on the blink, and just as it was my turn at the checkout, the electric went out completely. The manager telephoned the electrician, and all us customers were politely ordered out. So I took the bus to Ashkelon. I don’t like the pharmacy there because it’s on the seventh floor! And oh, how I dislike heights…

My purchases made, I took the bus back. While Ashdod had seemed emptier than usual, in Ashkelon people were out and about – sitting at sidewalk cafés and walking around. In the bus, the driver started a conversation instigated by the radio urging people in the South to stay indoors if they needn’t be out. The passengers readily joined the bus driver in conversation. They all agreed that life needs to go on; one can’t stay hiding inside like mice. On the other hand, they were aware that rockets could now get through. “One, two, we can stop. But they’ve figured out that if they shoot seven at a time they’ll get some past our system,” said one passenger. “We need to go back in to Gaza,” said another. “Oh no! Not unless we have a plan. Without a plan we shouldn’t send our boys in,” said the middle-aged woman in the front seat.

With all the worries piling up on Bibi’s plate, there is one thing about which he needn’t fret. There will never be a rebellion of the entire nation over one cause; the one thing uniting us is our disunity. The price of cottage cheese, of houses, bombs falling in the south – they’ll make life difficult for us, but they won’t cause the entire nation to rise.

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