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Mr. Toad

Posted by on September 12, 2011

Tonight was the first time ever I’d held a toad.

You see, I’d taken my dog Sweetie on her usual nightly walk when suddenly, on the side of the brick sidewalk, I noticed something hopping along. Since I, in my excitement, gave voice to my surprise and pointed at it, Sweetie noticed it too – especially since the little fellow kept on jumping. Lippitty lip, it jumped, and my Sweetie kept following it with her long black snout. I was afraid she might be tempted to check out how toad tastes – and I know that they are poisonous. Also, it seemed a shame to leave such a cute little guy there in the dirt. So I cautiously picked it up. It didn’t bite. But it swelled up a bit in my fist, and its heart was really racing. I carried it home – Sweetie prancing along excitedly at my side – and let it loose in our lawn.

It’ll have a good life, as long as it doesn’t follow the example of other toads we’ve had in our yard and jump doooooown over the wall.

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