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Seasons and seasoning

Posted by on October 6, 2011

It’s that time of year. The days are getting cooler, and the warm shafts of sun really feel good. The nights are cold, and I know that I’m keeping my fan on only because I’ve gotten used to the noise it makes – and not because I really need it. In our garden yesterday I saw a toad hopping about, and on the wall I spotted a tiny baby lizard. He was really cute and I caught it gently. I cupped its nearly transparent body in my palms very carefully so that it wouldn’t get scared and drop its tail. After showing it to my father, I returned it to the house wall.

Yes. It’s that time of year. This indecisive weather has my nose running, and my sinuses aching. I’m already thinking about my sweaters, though perhaps it is a bit too early for that. And though I know this Shabbat is actually Yom Kippur, I’ve been busy cooking. I made a real good chocolate cake, and a wonderful apple Bundt cake. I just love tipping it over and seeing the mold the Bundt pan has created. Such fun!

But now my thoughts are turning to soup. How does vegetable soup sound to you, with couscous on the side? Lovely.  

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