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We bring them together

Posted by on October 18, 2011

The four Succot species are very different from one another.

The lulav is strong and straight; the type that will break in a fierce wind. Which is, perhaps, why it grows in the very center of the palm tree, protected by many fronds. If you don’t know the correct art for taking it, you will kill off the tree’s growth.

The etrog is completely different in shape. Yellow, round and sweet smelling, this is a citrus fruit; the ‘off-spring’ of the tree, and not just another branch.  It is also a feast for the taste; if you know how, after Succot you can turn it into jam or preserves.

Aravot are supple willow branches. Since they bow to the wind, they’ll weather any storm – but they certainly haven’t the dignity of the palm tree…. Also, they have their own weakness: they need a close by water source.

Last is the hadas (myrtle). It has a lovely fragrance, but does not have a good taste. These branches aren’t from a tree but rather from a bush, generally grown as a hedge.

It is only by combining these four different plants – three varied shades of green and one yellow, some with scent and flavor and some without, some straight and others round or supple, etc – that the Succot set is complete. Unity is created by variety, and the same is true for people as well. Therefore, aren’t we glad it only comes once a year?

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