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Rabin Memorial

Posted by on November 10, 2011

And so another Rabin Memorial Day has passed. My problem with these RMDs is the way they’ve been twisted. Instead of being about Rabin – the Man (and then you could talk about the long stretch of his life, the pros and cons, what you admire and what you disapprove of), they are about Rabin – the Peace Process, or about Rabin – the Murder. Any ceremony that talks about the Peace Process is bound to be held by fanatic Leftists who won’t let anything change their world view, and won’t let anyone say something against it. You must be careful, for the ground which they step is holy and the people of whom they speak are angels. And if you are a stranger in their midst you must declare yourself: are you for them or against?

A memorial talking about the murder is the more common. These memorials stress how terrible the act of murder is; how deeply we deplore it, and how we are one people and should be unified. I don’t like these memorials because I don’t feel the need to announce that I’m against murder, or a specific murder that was committed 16 years ago. I had nothing to do with it, nor did the National Religious camp in general (much as some disliked the PM), nor have I any plans of committing murder. Or robbery, or breaking and entering, or drugs.

As for unity, while I identify with my nation in general, I don’t like to sing hymns to unity. I like differences, and I like people having their own uniqueness. It shows individuality, freedom of thought and action, and it makes life more interesting. And after all, it is very difficult to answer the question: what are we all supposed to unite around? I mean, for a successful unity, we’d all have to agree on that. I don’t quite see that happening. But I don’t think that’s bad. G-d didn’t like the Tower of Babel and they were wonderfully united.  

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