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When the dog crossed the road…

Posted by on December 8, 2011

Yesterday I had just gotten to the bus stop on the main road when I spotted a big, brown dog. To be more accurate, it spotted me and came over wagging its tail, sniffing me and everyone else at the stop. I noticed it had on a choke collar. How terrible, I thought. Some family must have tired of the dog, and just dumped it here. And it was such a friendly creature. To think humans could be so cruel!

The dog decided, like the famous chicken, to cross the street. I shut my eyes in horror. Horns beeped furiously, and the dog swerved this way and that, but couldn’t seem to figure out that it should return to the stop. It wasn’t hit yet, and a soldier and I waved our hands at it and called. Such a stupid creature! It must have never been loose before. It took it ages before it figured out it should return to us. Once it did, I tried to tie it up with a piece of rope I found, but it wouldn’t let me. Then I decided I should make sure it has water. So, spotting a cup, I was going to pick it up and pour water in it, when the dog realized I wanted the cup, and decided to beat me to it. It grabbed the cup and ran around with it, crushing it in its mouth. Oh, dear. And soon my bus would come and I’d have to leave it behind.

Suddenly a man approached whistling. The dog took one look at him and started barking. This was surprising. Upon questioning the fellow, it turned out the dog belonged to his aunt. Well, the dog had no intention of letting the man get him. For whatever reason he really didn’t like him. I don’t know why – the dog was well-fed, and didn’t show signs of beatings. And if he wasn’t returned home he would starve or be run over. So I caught the dog, and then the man was able to grab him (the dog registering protest), and I slipped a rope on it (the man hadn’t brought a leash).

As they headed off the dog was still upset. But once they entered the orchard the dog cheered up.

And I boarded my bus with a feeling of relief.



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