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Purim: learn your booms

Posted by on March 8, 2012

As usual, Purim this year was ushered in with firecrackers, cherry bombs and larger, more powerful fireworks. They were noisy, loud and … they took me back to Gush Katif. At night, lying in bed and hearing the booms, I sleepily wondered whether it was mortars causing the windows to rattle. Mortars – shouldn’t that be Neve Dekalim, I wondered. And if so, then shouldn’t my bedroom window be on this wall? But there was no crackling announcement after the booms, so I concluded that they weren’t mortars. Wait! I’m in Nitzan, I realized. Perhaps it’s Kassams. But there were no sirens. Then again, maybe the loudspeaker system just wasn’t working. Thankfully, a few scattered picas infiltrated the sudden silence. Just children playing, I realized, and returned to sleep.  

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