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Shifra’s Translations
Articles and Poems

“Just like a man chooses a friend, so a translator must choose a writer such that the taste of one matches the taste of the other.”  (Walter)


Four Purim Questions

Israeli Restraint Forces

To Revive the Memories

The Hellenists versus the Hilltop People 



I have always enjoyed ‘Yair’ Stern’spoetry.  I undertook to translate one of my favorites into English so that my mother could also appreciate it. Since then I have discovered that there is a paucity of English translations of his poems. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to fill this void. In my translations I have done my utmost to keep the integrity of the original; remaining true to ‘Yair’s’ idea and pattern of rhymes. – Shifra

Avraham Stern (‘Yair’) – founder of the “Freedom Fighters for Israel” underground (“Lehi”), which spearheaded the revolt against the British occupation. Even following his murder by British Intelligence on the 25th of Shvat 5702 (1942), his spirit escorted the underground fighters all the way to Israel’s independence.  (Taken from Hagadat HaRa’ayon, page 133).

* We live in the underground…

Unknown soldiers


* Simchat Torah

* My heart is sick…

* To R.

* To Our Sisters in Line

To the “Gangs of Crazies”

* Oh, My Russia! My wife…

* Puscha

* I know…

Like the stars…

* Listen, avenger…

Yes, so am I a soldier and a poet…

The field is the shul

        Shifra’s translations of  other writers: 
*    Rosh Pina

*   The Song of Rebellion

*  Whispering Embers

*  They Shall Not Break Us

*  Upon Barricades

*  Cursed who says Here: Tear!

*  Flowers in the Gun Barrel


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