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New Jersey Connects To Nitzan, 2014
Exclusive: Gush Katif Education Day 2014: Impressions of an Expellee, 2014
Op-Ed: Gush Katif Residents Take Another Step Towards Normalcy, 2014
Op-Ed: 8 Days of Hanukkah, 8 Years Since the Disengagement, 2013
New Beginnings: Netzer Hazani, 2013
 In Memory of Moshe Savorai, Z”L  (Hebrew), 2011
Planting Stones: Our Nitzan Synagogue Cornerstone Ceremony, 2011
 A Loud and Bitter Cry: From Gush Katif to Itamar – the Fogel family, 2011
 On the Ruins of Kibbutz Nitzanim, 2011
 A Blossom on the Coast, 2011
 Eulogy for Saba, 2009
Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire, 2008
Super Great -Grandmother of Jewish Gaza Passes Away - In Memory of Sylvia Mandelbaum, 2008
Staple Your Flag To The Caravilla!, 2008
 Israel – Sixty Years Hence, 2008
 Heads or Tails? 2008
From Neve Dekalim to Nitzan: An Interview, 2008
A Tree Grows in the Nitzan Caravillas, 2007
The Sun is Setting, 2007 
 From Golden Stalks to Golden Grains… And Back again, 2007

Jewish Refugees in Cyprus – Zionism in Regression,
From Gruner to Gruner, 2006
 Return to the Elements, 2006
 Memorial Eve 5766, 2006
In Memory, 2006
My Neighbor from Bombay, 2005
The Lion King: An Analogy, 2005
The Sun is Setting, 2005
Boxes Here and Boxes There, 2005
Fire in the Dunes, 2005
Should We Block Streets? 2005
Block Those Streets!  2005
Trouble in the Shire, 2004

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