Lecturing the students

I am so pleased that Stanley Fischer has addressed the strikes. When I read his comments this morning, I felt as though finally someone responsible was in charge. It seemed like the kindly lecturer was back at the podium spouting wise words to the students. Will they listen? I don’t know, but I think they ought to. His advice is good. Not only is he not politically linked with any of the government parties, but he showed respect for the demonstrators. In addition, while he welcomed change, he wanted it to go through regular channels.  In short, progress - yes,  revolution – no.

While every news website seems to carry Fischer’s speech, I’ve yet to see the demonstrators’ response. Will they accept his recommendations? Will the situation finally quiet down?

If not, what other envoy can the administration possibly send that might be favorably looked upon?


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Tents Sprouting in the Sun

Tent protest in Ashdod: "All the land tents tents - Only Bibi has houses"

With all the tents and protests and the summer heat, it seems as though we’ve regressed back to the desert under Moses’ leadership. However, unlike then, we can’t expect any miracles. Thousands of rent-free houses won’t suddenly appear, with G-d grimacing as the people rush, and trample over each-other in their haste to stake their own. He’ll sigh to Moses, “until when will they doubt me?” and send a plague to strike the impertinent ones.

No, that won’t happen. The age of miracles is over. We have to work it out by ourselves and if we succeed – then we can take that as a sign that G-d is with us. Bibi has given a plan. Fischer has endorsed it. The protesters should be pleased. They are; they’re getting plenty of press and people all over are joining them. At this point if houses fell like manna from heaven they would turn up their noses and say, “that’s been tried historically. It’s a step forward, but it’s not good enough.”

What do they really want? They want the leader replaced. Watch out, Bibi, ‘Korach’ is upon you.        

Tent protest in Ashdod, Tammuz 5771 (Aug. 2011)


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Dentist Duty & Canine Care

Me and my Sweetie


Dental work is so expensive in Israel. I always find myself grimacing after a visit to the dentist … because of what’s charged! Imagine my horror when I discovered that I have someone new to take to see the dentist, the veterinary dentist that is… My sweet Saluki hasn’t been taking care of her teeth. I don’t know how she’s done it, but she has dreadful brown stains on her back molars. Seeking to save the dentist bill, I tried to brush her teeth this morning. At first, not knowing not to, I tried to brush her teeth using human toothpaste. Well, Sweetie swallowed the toothpaste and wouldn’t let me scrub her teeth. Luckily she didn’t throw-up from the tooth paste.

I then discovered we have canine toothpaste. She didn’t like that as well as the human tooth paste, but this time she was on her guard against intrusion and wasn’t keen on having a tooth brush thrust in her mouth. Apparently, since she hasn’t been trained to it from puppy-hood, she won’t like to have her teeth brushed – but there are alternatives, such as rinses.  Perhaps she’ll take kindly to that.

However, in the meantime, her teeth are still stained and she has a dark line by the gum which I’ve read means she needs a severe cleaning. I’ll have to get her to a dentist. They’ll anesthetize her and scrape her sharp teeth… and I’ll have to foot the bill.

What one does out of love of a pet.


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