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Remembering Gush Katif

ShareHow to remember the past? As the sixth memorial marking Gush Katif’s destruction nears, this question becomes increasingly important. There are those who wish to commemorate the struggle to prevent the Disengagement. Some of these people continue wearing orange bracelets and flying orange banners. Orange – the color of the Gush Katif struggle. Others will … Continue reading »

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Lecturing the students

ShareI am so pleased that Stanley Fischer has addressed the strikes. When I read his comments this morning, I felt as though finally someone responsible was in charge. It seemed like the kindly lecturer was back at the podium spouting wise words to the students. Will they listen? I don’t know, but I think they … Continue reading »

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Tents Sprouting in the Sun

Share With all the tents and protests and the summer heat, it seems as though we’ve regressed back to the desert under Moses’ leadership. However, unlike then, we can’t expect any miracles. Thousands of rent-free houses won’t suddenly appear, with G-d grimacing as the people rush, and trample over each-other in their haste to stake … Continue reading »

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