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May 25, 2009 23:55 | Updated May 26, 2009 5:49

'Mistake to reject disengagement novel'


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21. B"H To 16: If you're Jewish, you should make Aliya because

this is where G-d told us to live. If there are political problems, then come here and do your part to improve things. Every person's influence is important in the creation of the complete picture.

Batya Osterbach - Israel (06/08/2009 17:00)


20. What do Israeli schools teach on Gush Katif Day?

The Ministry of Education designated a Gush Katif Day, the day on which Netzer Hazani, the first civilian community in Gush Katif was founded, as part of the official school curriculum. Therefore this book definitely is suitable for ALL Israeli schools. I have several school age children and I expect their instruction in literature to include important historical events in Israel.

Parent - Israel (06/01/2009 15:42)


19. Grains of Sand - excellent motivation to read

Presenting Literature such as Joyce (Evelyn) is the surest way to kill the motivation to read. Grains of Sand is a contemporary novel written by your student's peer. An added bonus is the author herself. She is an exemplary role model to Israel students, especially young women, to be assertive and express themselves through writing. When the Israeli Ministry of Education introduced the anti zionist/ anti Jewish PLO poet Darwish or the Nakba - there was no pretense of "balance". Israel is a Jewish and zionist state, the book reflects that - no apologies necessary.

former US teacher - Israel (05/31/2009 13:36)


18. Check the facts

In the new literature program, there are two options for assessment. One is via a learnign log; the other via exam. Schools choosing to opt for the exam have a set literature list (otherwise, they could not write exam questions). Schools opting for the log can choose their own list! (Pending approval by inspector). Guidlines state, the lit has to be written in English originally (not a translation) but that, too can be sent for special approval. I do not see why this novel cannot fall into that category. It seems that this argument lacks understanding of the real situation! A storm in a teacup

Adele - Israel (05/30/2009 08:43)


17. What the Ministry of Ed prefers

And is it preferable to teach "Evelyn" by James Joyce? This short story is full of Christian symbols and ends with the most uneducated message; Evelyn chooses to spend her young adult years carrying for her abusive father rather than marrying the loving, joyous sailor in her life. Yet this story has become a classic in the English literature program of Israeli schools.

H. Granger - Israel (05/28/2009 12:56)


16. Because of such intellectual 'employee'-terror I refuse to make aliya

Because of such intellectual 'employee'-terror I refuse to make aliya

Gabor Frankl - (05/28/2009 01:53)


15. Gush Katif. .

I think it's excellent that a young student actualy wrote about her experiences as a member of the Neve Dekalim community of Gush Katif. These were amazing communities. And it was really tragic that they were pulled down, and it is absolutely essential that young people form their own opinion whether such a move was warranted, and whether what exists now is an improvement, even for the Palestinians. A blockaded strip of land. The Disengagement, I believe, was not done in good faith. what happened was exactly what Sharon was hoping for, that it would be a thorn in their side.

sandra chitayat - canada. (05/27/2009 07:37)


14. I was one of the teachers who recommended the book

I got a nasty response that the book is inappropriate and that this is not a "popularity contest" or "monopoly game" whatever that was supposed to mean... I never received so much as an apology. It is clear that whoever responded to me never laid eyes on that book. Then "suddenly" when the Jerusalem Post came into the picture it all became a "mistake"??? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?

Zimra Schlessinger - (05/27/2009 00:09)


13. the challenge of taking multiple perspectives

I guess political correctness has greater universal appeal than the voice of a child. Leanne - USA (05/26/2009 18:44)

12. Grains of Sand . . .

Judge for yourself. My Barnes & Noble ordered it for me and I picked it up 2 days later. I understand that it is also now available in Kindle format from

Julie - USA (05/26/2009 18:27)

11. I expect to see a follow up

That the person who single handly made the decision is fired

MG - (05/26/2009 17:23)

10. Anwswer to #6

You can buy the book via and also has it in Kindle version. My daughter read

this book and liked it.

Gershon - Israel (05/26/2009 17:29)

9. What Mistake??

It looks like a vetting of the Ministry would be appropriate at this time. It's unfortunate that a low level employee can make or thwart govenment policy baised on that individual's politics. Maybe that individual needs a vacation.

Veni-Vidi-Agati - USA (05/26/2009 15:16)

8. Liberal World left does not care if Israel is run by the left or right they just like oil money and against JEWS.

Liberal World left does not care if Israel is run by the left or right they just like oil money and against JEWS.

A L - (05/26/2009 14:17)

7. Disgusting!

Is the diary of Anne Frank "comfortable"? Is the mistreatment of Yemenite olim in the 1940's and 1950's"comfortable"? Is the episode of the Altalena a "comfortable" story? Can the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin be presented in a way that is "appropriate for all sectors of Israeli society"? All of these subjects are taught in the public schools today. Of course, teachers present the subject matter matter according to their own worldviews. But, the important thing is that the students are exposed to history and are encouraged to think about how it affects us.

Uri DeYoung - Samaria (05/26/2009 13:40)

6. Grains of Sand...

Where can I get a copy of this book here in the United States. I would like to use this book my public middle school class this coming fall.

Goremghast - USA (05/26/2009 12:58)

5. G. K. disengagement -- what's that?

Quit whitewashing the brutal and senseless DESTRUCTION of a string of thriving Jewish communities. Israel is nor more "disengaged" from the Gaza Strip now than it was before, as a briefest glance at the map will show. So just call a spade a spade -- and not an ice cream cone.

avner - (05/26/2009 11:06)

4. ow dare the liberal bureaucrats allow freedom of speech for right wingers

we want the desruction oif those we disagree with- the committe for irish catholic settlement in north america

female bannister setter - USA (05/26/2009 09:16)

3. WHEN does the committee decide???

As an English teacher in two Jerusalem schools I certainly will want to follow the results of the committee and hope the JPost will publicize them. I'd also like to know WHY that particular employee THOUGHT that SHE could get away with what may even amount to CENSORSHIP! Has she been involved in such patronizing censorship "on behalf of Israeli students" before? It's always disturbed me that Israel is a democracy, UNLESS YOU DON'T CHOOSE LIKE WE TELL YOU TO CHOOSE.

Ra'anan Elozory - Israel (05/26/2009 09:03)

2. Many young people don't remember what happened 4 years ago, or were too young to understand. Literature fills the gap.

Many young people don't remember what happened 4 years ago, or were too young to understand. Literature fills the gap.

So do films. It's common knowledge that Israeli news media failed to convey the full extent of that tragedy. So I hope that more and more writers publish their work, whether memoirs or fictionalized narrative based on those historical events. The left will do its utmost to make you forget. Don't allow it. Publish! Publish! Create films, documentaries, graphic novels. And don't let the censors get their way. Reach out to all youth, secular and religious, Jews and non-Jews. Tell the truth, no matter how much it annoys the left. Literature is still a powerful weapon.

Marcella - (05/26/2009 08:09)

1. photo on article misrepresents book

policeman pulling at a young demonstrator is not what the novel "grains of Sand" by shifra shomron, is about. The photo turns this touching personal story into a political tool . The novel is about the dilemas of a teenager in an impossible situation of having been educated to morality and finding herself in a situation that seemed completely immoral and unethical. It is a story of a young women who sees her lifetime and her roots being destroyed to a pile of rubble and her trying to deal with this as an individual sister,daughter, schoolmate and community member . It left me thinking.

anita - israel (05/26/2009 07:54)

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